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Love it!

This product is amazing! Makes my skin so soft!

Feeling Young again

I purchased the Lovely Lavendar set and have been really enjoying the scrub on my face. It helps clean my pores and it’s gentle enough to not cause any irritation. Adding the oil after the scrub seems to rejuvenate my face

Everyone needs this!

This is the best facial scrub I’ve tried. It is gentle and left my skin noticeably smoother after the first use. I use the Calma flax seed oil after this product and it leaves my skin so soft.

Love this

I bought this on a whim at a local market and I am so happy I did! My skin has never felt better. I have combination skin and find that this oil doesn’t leave my skin looking or feeling oily. This is my favourite skin care product.

Andrea Closs


I enjoy the product but the packaging could be improved. The oil spills very easily and difficult to adjust how much you pour out.

Amazing moisturizer

I love how it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave an oily feel or shiny face. I love that it keeps my skin looking amazing.

Gentle moisture!

So nice on my skin! Doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. Absorbs well. A bit messy to get out of your bottle…a dropper would be helpful.

Love the feeling!

Leaves my skin feeling so nice! Very gentle.

Lynne Cornish-Braun
Terra Vida Matcha Clay Exfoliant

I have sensitive skin and usually stay away from exfoliants, but I was intrigued by the Terra Supra products! I love this exfoliant- it is gentle but effective and it leaves my skin feeling so soft! My skin also looks brighter on my face! I have used it on my legs in the shower and have had great results! My legs are very dry and flaky especially in the winter, and the Terra Vita has done wonders!!
I appreciate the spoon too, which helps me to know how much to use- without over using!
I am so happy to find a ‘made in Saskatchewan product’ and to be able to support such a great company that has wonderful communication and great service to their customers!

Gentle salts

Great product and much gentler at removing scales and dry skin than some of the harsher methods. Abrasion works but the salts do as good a job but leaving skin feeling softer and not abraded is a much better option from my perspective. Terra Prima Pink Clay Salt has benefits far beyond, just exfoliation!


The scent is amazing and feels wonderful - silky and smooth! Customer service was great- quick delivery! The way in Dean explained the product with his enthusiasm was exciting to see. I recommend these products!

softer and less scaly skin

Using Ama Pura Original Flaxseed Oil Moisturizer has blessed my aging skin with a softer and less scaly feeling/appearing skin. I love all of the Oils but I can use the Ama Pura at any time of the day, as it doesn't clash with my favorite cologne.

Just right!

I have tried several different face scrubs, and many are just too abrasive and harsh on my skin. This one is the Goldilocks scrub - it's just right! Thank you

If you prefer unscented ones..

This one has no scent , there is a light smell of the clay , it has that earthy smell. The effect is the same as the other ones, amazing exfoliant . Soft, smooth just beautiful radiant skin .

So calming and nice soft skin

I love the light lavender scent on this in the shower. It’s just so calming, relaxing and it gives me nice soft skin. It’s so amazing how soft the skin is after skin is after using this. Must try.

Smells like Matcha in the shower

I tried this one out of the two other exfoliants. It definitely smells like matcha and you can see it turns slightly green when it comes in contact with water. I enjoyed this a lot. It smoothed my skin especially my heels.

Smells refreshing

I love using this on my body after putting on my lotion. It smells so refreshing and just reminds me of summer .Not greasy , it’s an amazing product to have especially that winter is coming.

Perfect for selfcare moment.

It smells so calming and soothing this oil. I use it mostly when I want to relax . I use it for scalp massage , and some foot massage before I go in the shower . It’s the perfect oil to have when all you want is relaxation. Light a candle , do your scalp massage - it’s the perfect duo.

Wonderful, Multi-tasking oil

I use this as a face oil and as a last step to my skincare. It’s great for locking in all hydration. It has a light scent to very minimal. It’s a great moisturizer on its own also.

Crystal Patterson
Ama Citrea

I was concerned when I purchased this that the flax oil would still be noticeable and it wasn't at all and the sweet orange essential oil that is added is like inhaling sunshine! It's not only great for my skin, it's liquid happiness for my senses.

Wonderful product

This product is great, I have been using it everyday. Goes on smooth and non greasy when it hits your skin. Love that is locally produced in Canada(Saskatchewan)

Christine Lemermeyer
Love it!!

The products are well made and smell so great!

3-in-1 oil!

Okay so I’ve been using this oil with the salt exfoliants for about 3 weeks now and it’s amazing! The scent is a nice citrus smell and it’s perfect for sealing in all my skin care at the end of the night. I also use the remaining product left on my hands on my hair and body. It’s literally a 3 in 1! Perfect for really dry skin (but not too heavy!)

Definitely A Skin Staple!

I love this stuff! I have never tried an exfoliating clay salt but I have been using this stuff for a while now and it leaves my skin feeling SO soft!! It even helps prevent ingrown hairs before shaving my legs which is really nice. I also love the lavender smell it’s so calming!