The Story of Our Clay Salts

Shhh – Terra Supra (and Saskatchewan) has a beauty secret….

Psst...we want to let you in on Terra Supra’s beauty secret! 

It’s as simple as sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Did you know that much of Saskatchewan used to be underwater? And, though this ancient sea dried up millennia ago, we’re still reaping the beauty benefits of the deep layers of nutrient-rich mineral salts left behind! Terra Supra Skin Care Clay Salt Exfoliants come straight from this source and are jam packed with skin-loving minerals - a care package courtesy of Mother Nature! 

Each of the primary ancient salts found in our exfoliant have their own unique properties and benefit your skin in different ways. No empty promises, just science and a little bit of love from the ancient sea:

Sodium helps restore the skin’s protective barrier, which helps your skin retain moisture, for a long-lasting dewy glow! 

Magnesium supports the synthesis of collagen and protects your skin from harmful free radicals (the nasties that can lead to wrinkling and skin damage). Magnesium is an all-around skin-loving mineral that helps maintain the water balance in your skin cells, thereby naturally toning and tightening the skin for a fresher face! It even helps reduce redness and irritation as it is a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory! 

Calcium works in your epidermis, stimulating the skin to produce sebum (the natural skin coating that conventional beauty products often strip away, leaving you with skin that feels dry and tight). Sebum is nature’s moisturizer! 

Potassium, although not absorbed through the skin, has topical benefits including restoring your skin’s optimal pH balance and texture. It’s also a stellar, all-natural antibacterial and astringent. 

This dream team of ancient salts also provides exceptional exfoliation by gently removing dead skin cells to reveal clearer, more radiant-looking, youthful skin.

Start enjoying the incredible skin care benefits of Terra Supra Clay Salts today!