Our Story


 Growing up in Western Canada in the 1970’s sometimes felt like living in the wild west! Our father was a park ranger and we lived in several small towns and parks across central Alberta. While we never had a lot of money, we always had lots of food! Food we grew! We always had a huge garden and grew the vegetables that would see us through winter. In the summer we suffered mosquito bites to gather wild strawberries, blueberries, saskatoon berries, and cranberries. With the fruits of our labour, our mom crafted amazing pies and jams. We were always very conscientious about water and power use and often wandered through the park collecting recyclables to return for pocket money

In the early 1990’s, we embraced our sense of adventure as fantastic travel and work opportunities came our way. Corinne left for the The Cayman Islands and brother Dean left for Japan. These beautiful countries both celebrate a life of joyful simplicity. In Japan, Dean learned about and shared the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai.



Ikigai is about finding happiness and fulfillment in the sum of small joys of everyday life. It is also about finding one’s passion, and putting that purpose into action. This has enabled us to marry our childhood experiences with our business philosophy. We are passionate about providing natural, high quality, safe, skin care products that embody simplicity and authenticity. We are passionate about inspiring people to embrace the bounty of the natural world while respecting the Earth. We are passionate about promoting a lifestyle that strives to balance the spiritual with the practical, based on the understanding that everything is connected. We are passionate about helping people feel good about themselves and reconnecting with those around them through the power of touch. Terra Supra is all about bringing you and your loved ones back to that first soft touch.