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Ama Citrea

I was concerned when I purchased this that the flax oil would still be noticeable and it wasn't at all and the sweet orange essential oil that is added is like inhaling sunshine! It's not only great for my skin, it's liquid happiness for my senses.

Wonderful product

This product is great, I have been using it everyday. Goes on smooth and non greasy when it hits your skin. Love that is locally produced in Canada(Saskatchewan)

Love it!!

The products are well made and smell so great!

3-in-1 oil!

Okay so I’ve been using this oil with the salt exfoliants for about 3 weeks now and it’s amazing! The scent is a nice citrus smell and it’s perfect for sealing in all my skin care at the end of the night. I also use the remaining product left on my hands on my hair and body. It’s literally a 3 in 1! Perfect for really dry skin (but not too heavy!)

Definitely A Skin Staple!

I love this stuff! I have never tried an exfoliating clay salt but I have been using this stuff for a while now and it leaves my skin feeling SO soft!! It even helps prevent ingrown hairs before shaving my legs which is really nice. I also love the lavender smell it’s so calming!

5 stars

Absorbs very quickly, doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy. I love the REAL lavender smell. Too many products say they smell like lavender but it’s too sweet and perfumey. Being a nurse (can’t wear perfume or heavy scents) and someone that is sensitive to smells (migraines), this is perfect balance of “smells great” and “not overpowering”. Will definitely add this to my skin care routine. It’s worth the shipping to the United States!

Must try!

I have tried the original clay salt exfoliant and it makes my skin smoother, softer and relaxed. The flaxseed oil is easily absorbed without greasy. I don’t have any fine lines yet but the products promise to disminish it so it is a huge bonus for long term use. It is thoughtful to provide a spoon which helps me a lot in product distribution. They also have the best customer service!

Ama Calma & Terra Calma

I tried the Terra Supra, Terra Calma line this evening and wow I was so impressed! The Terra Calma clay salt exfoliant gently removed the dry skin on my face and made it feel smooth! I then put the Ama Calma flaxseed oil on right after and my skin absorbed it so fast! I enjoyed the calming smell and noticeably smooth skin after the first use. I highly recommend this Canadian product! ❤️

I'm in love...

...with these products from @terrasuprasc
Can’t say thank YOU enough @laureen6682 for your great reviews which helps me have the right decision to purchase them. I just tried the original clay salt exfoliant and it really makes my skin smoother, softer and relaxed. The flaxseed oil is easily absorbed to my skin without greasy feeling. I don’t have any fine lines yet but the products promise to diminish it too so it’s a huge bonus for long term use. They are also thoughtful to send me a spoon for easy handling. I think @laureen6682 has the best reviews (and the best pics 💐) for these products so you can check out her page for more details. Wish you all a lucky Lunar New Year, sweet Valentine’s Day and happy Family Day! 🥂💐🎉 #terrasupra #facecare #bodycare #exfoliate #flaxseed

Sweet Orange

So, here I am pampering myself with @terrasuprasc flaxseed oils - Sweet Orange, Lavender and Original!
It is so lovely that they are 100% Canadian and they source their ingredients from the farms of Saskatchewan!

Prima Exfoliating Clay

I have really delicate skin and I can't use just any product. The Terra Prima is super soft and gentle and leaves my skin soft and smooth. After only a few uses, my makeup glides onto my face.


I just the love the sweet orange and it absorbs and makes my hands and face so smooth and soft!

Terra Calma so soft

I just love the Lavender aroma and it makes my skin so soft. More please!