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Sweet Orange Infused Flaxseed Oil

℮ 60 g
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Our Orange Oil Moisturizer is the perfect post-scrub supplement and is highly effective at soothing dry, irritated skin. 

High in Omega-3's and linoleic acid, our Orange Oil Moisturizer hydrates and nourishes your skin, leaving it renewed and dewy soft without being greasy.

Developed for all skin and made from organic Spanish essential orange oil and locally sourced flaxseed oil.

Scent: Sweet Orange

Benefits of Organic Orange Oil:
- Rich in antioxidants
- Energizing
- Mood-boosting

Promotes Vitamin C Absorption
Sustainably Sourced
Animal Cruelty-Free
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  • Certified Organic Flax Seed Oil

    Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and antioxidants, flaxseed oil makes for a powerful ally in the fight against aging! Omega-3 fatty acids help smooth and hydrate skin, while the lignans help reconstruct broken blood vessels and skin cells. The oil’s powerful antioxidants also protect the skin from free radicals and UV rays.

  • Orange Essential Oil

    Sweet Orange essential oil is beneficial for maintaining the health, appearance, and texture of skin by promoting clarity, radiance, and smoothness. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, nourishes dry skin, and reduces the signs of acne.

  • All Ama oils are great for the body.

  • Step 1

    After your bath or shower, pat skin dry with a soft towel.

  • Step 2

    Pour a few drops of any of the Ama oils into the palm of your hand, slowly rub palms together, then massage the oil gently into your skin.

  • Step 3

    Enjoy moisturized, softened skin for you and your loved ones.

  • Ama Pura is the best oil choice for your face.

  • Step 1

    Cleanse your face.

  • Step 2

    Apply a toner for a hit of hydration and to remove the last bit of debris from the surface of the skin.

  • Step 3

    Apply your favourite serum.

  • Step 4

    Seal in all of that serum goodness with Ama Pura. Pour a few drops of oil onto your fingertips and massage gently from the centre of your face upwards.

  • Step 5

    Use your ring fingers to gently pat oil into skin around delicate eye skin. Remember your neck!

  • Step 6

    Enjoy moisturized, softened skin for you and your loved ones.

  • After single use

    Our Ama oils immediately soothe and hydrate skin providing a beautiful glow.

  • After prolonged use

    Over time, the Omega-3 fatty acid content of our Ama oils helps the skin repair and can reduce the look of fine lines. In time, our Ama oils will make your skin healthier, more elastic, and improve its tone and texture

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The scent is amazing and feels wonderful - silky and smooth! Customer service was great- quick delivery! The way in Dean explained the product with his enthusiasm was exciting to see. I recommend these products!

Ira Estrada
Smells refreshing

I love using this on my body after putting on my lotion. It smells so refreshing and just reminds me of summer .Not greasy , it’s an amazing product to have especially that winter is coming.

Crystal Patterson
Ama Citrea

I was concerned when I purchased this that the flax oil would still be noticeable and it wasn't at all and the sweet orange essential oil that is added is like inhaling sunshine! It's not only great for my skin, it's liquid happiness for my senses.

Colleen B
Wonderful product

This product is great, I have been using it everyday. Goes on smooth and non greasy when it hits your skin. Love that is locally produced in Canada(Saskatchewan)

Linda A
3-in-1 oil!

Okay so I’ve been using this oil with the salt exfoliants for about 3 weeks now and it’s amazing! The scent is a nice citrus smell and it’s perfect for sealing in all my skin care at the end of the night. I also use the remaining product left on my hands on my hair and body. It’s literally a 3 in 1! Perfect for really dry skin (but not too heavy!)

Pink Clay + Oil = Dewy Soft Skin

Touchable skin invites health into your life.