Terra Supra Skin Cadre - Acne from your Masks!

terra news how masks affect your skin

We need to wear masks these days, but, unfortunately, we may experience ‘maskne’ caused by irritation of the mask against the skin.  A mask can trap dirt and oil against the skin, so it is important to treat our masks like underwear and change and wash them often. Make-up free skin under our masks and a simple skin care regimen with few ingredients is best right now.  Wash your face with a mild non-soap cleanser, do a gentle scrub with one of the Terra clay salt scrubs, and then moisturize with the fragrance-free Ama flaxseed oil.  Ama moisturizer does double duty. Besides, moisturizing the skin, it protects it from mask friction, much like a runner’s chafing cream. If you sweat underneath your mask, do a quick wash when you take it off and moisturize with the Ama flaxseed oil.  Protect that beautiful skin and keep it clear and soft for you and your loved ones.

Love, Corinne