Terra Supra Skin Care - Dry Hands in the Time of COVID

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None of us dreamed we would be living through a pandemic or experiencing the stress that has come with it. Nor did we realize the toll it would take on our hands from constant washing and sanitizing.  This contact with irritants and allergens may increase the risk of hand dermatitis or 'eczema' that commonly manifests with redness, dryness, cracks, or even painful blisters.  The alcohol content of sanitizers is especially hard on sensitive skin. To counter this, a moisturizer with humectants, or emollients, or occlusives is best. Ama’s flaxseed oil occlusives create a physical barrier over the skin to hold in moisture and prevent water loss. The fatty acids balance out the skin's own oils and reduce inflammation, helping the skin repair. Keep up the good work of handwashing and sanitizing followed with Ama oils to keep your hands soft for you and your loved ones.

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Love, Corinne